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A unique “View” to impress your customer


The way you present your travel itinerary is getting you down?

Your team has spent hours researching, writing and refining the travel itinerary your customer is eager to receive. You spend so much of your time getting in front of the right prospects, making sure they’re qualified and interested… But once you actually have a great prospect, does your travel itinerary presentation process help close the sale?

Or does it actually create roadblocks to closing the deal?

Many of our clients have never thought through what their travel itinerary should look like in order to be a sales-centric tool that helps them close deals.

Have you thought about it?

A great travel itinerary have a massive impact on closing the sale. It can be the difference between closing or not closing, and the right travel itinerary can also be the difference between a small sale or a massive sale. Click HERE and check some examples of great travel itinerary presentations.

Make your travel itinerary stand out

Get access to the richest content and travel media database, complete with the best photos, videos, trip information and audio guides … and the best apps to support the customer journey before, during and after the trip … and start creating immediately an awesome travel itinerary that sells


Official high-quality destination videos, including 360º virtual reality videos


Hotels, cruises photos and cruises and shipping companies’ information


Activities with destination photos, itinerary and destination maps


Restaurants detailed information… and the best apps that support you, before, during, and after the trip.

Viewtravel is available for all sorts of types of personas in the travel and tourism industry


In the hands of Travel Agencies, Independent Travel Agents, Host Travel Agencies, Travel Consolidation Companies, Travel Agent Networks, Online Travel Agencies – OTAs, Hotels and Airline Companies, Viewtravel can generate more sales and brand awareness.


Viewtravel is also a very helpful tool to show your MICE and corporate travel itinerary in a personalised and distinctive way, making the meetings, incentives, groups, events, conferences, congresses and conventions offer presentations more exciting than ever!

Incoming Inbound Tour Operators, Ground Operators, Ground Handling Agents and Destination Management Companies – DMCs, are also able to add innovative digital selling and customer retention capabilities to their sales teams and grow their business.


Leisure Travel Agencies, MICE or Corporate Travel Agencies, Online Travel Agencies – OTAs and Airline Companies, that wish to use Viewtravel Platform API to seamlessly push Viewtravel videos into their systems. (*)

(*) Third party content access via Viewtravel API

Viewtravel API may be used for custom development services, including feature extensions, new features, integration with third-party products, user interface design, pull and push data services, database integration, hardware and software interfacing and web applications upgrade.

Enable developers to integrate certain Viewtravel content into websites, intranet sites, mobile device applications and/or personal computer applications

Simple connectivity tool that allows third-party developers to create plugins for “just-one-click” proposals and travel itineraries (Viewtravel Views) creation from multiple sources (CRM, GDS, booking systems, among others…)

Customise your Viewtravel experience. Easily build integrations!

As you create travel itinerary presentations, as you close more deals, as you see the benefits of integrating Viewtravel with other sales support systems, our documentation and support team will help you along the way ensuring no deal or point of contact slips through the cracks.

Pull travel itinerary presentations and make them appear in your invoicing software, or even, create a new travel itinerary based on someone who fills out a form on your website or completes a reservation and issues a ticket on your booking engine or GDS – Global Distribution System.

Your Branding

Viewtravel gives all the benefits of custom-made software and off-the-shelf products, yet at affordable prices! Almost every element can be customized, including start-screens, menus, logos, a choice of thematics, and placing your company profile and image on Viewtravel menus or sharable PDFs.

  • Insert your logo
  • Manage and share your company profile
  • Create and share your travel itinery with your sales agent’s network logo on it
  • Insert your company details on the travel itinerary .PDF file
  • Change Viewtravel’s look and feel by modifying the type of font
  • Do cross-sell or up selling by adding promotional banners to your travel itinerary
  • Add your own apps to Viewtravel or use the pre-defined Viewtravel apps
  • Add your website link and contacts to your travel itinerary
  • Modify the preview text and logo of Viewtravel entrance/login page
  • Create your own thematics
  • Apply your own domain

UI/UX Site Management

Viewtravel is a powerful tool that frees non-technical users from the shackles of controlling technically complex software. It means anyone can add to, edit or manage Viewtravel through a very user-friendly interface that optimizes the user experience. It means you will have more time to focus on bettering your business instead of trying to understand the reams of code. It means you have full control of your Viewtravel implementation 24 hours a day and seven days a week, without waiting for a third party provider to grant access or make changes.

  • Control content, functionality and even layout through an easy-to-use UI
  • Configure Viewtravel menu
  • Add calendars to your travel itinerary
  • Control the important information for the trip
  • Add google analytics
  • Manage your travel itinerary details
  • Change Viewtravel language
  • Manage users
  • Integrated learning videos

Travel Media Library

Unlock the travel media vault and unleash your creativity. We make your travel itinerary presentations more beautiful and relevant, by giving you powerful video and photo playlists that provide increased emotion for customer engagement. Now you can eliminate the search of content through siloed databases and create your own travel destination knowledge sales-centric ecosystem.

  • Create video and photo presentations
  • Use video and photo playlists
  • Use audio-guides
  • Use Viewtravel photo gallery destination and trip information database
  • Use Viewtravel hotels photo gallery
  • Use hotels helpful information and services description
  • Use Viewtravel ships and cruises photo gallery
  • Use ships and cruises helpful information

Viewtravel Wizard

Viewtravel allows you to discover, prep, duplicate and share all your travel itineraries in a very creative way, then deploy and share important trip and travel company information at scale for deeper insights, faster than you ever thought possible.

  • Duplicate travel itinerary presentations
  • Configure pre-defined travel itinerary templates
  • Add suppliers and tour operators’ terms and conditions to Viewtravel
  • Creative interactive presentations, proposals, programs and tours showcase
  • Create and download a single .pdf file with the travel itinerary, budget, privacy terms and delivery conditions
  • Generate reports

The Travel Hub

The Travel Hub by Viewtravel is an online travel portfolio of valuable content that will help anyone become a better sales professional. With a continually-growing repository of trip information, images, videos and one of a kind resources, the Travel Hub provides valuable sales tools for travel professionals at every level.

  • Prepare a Digital Tour– Thanks to a simple and very interactive interface, through enhanced images, links to videos and digital files its extremely easy to virtually present your itineraries, travel suggestions and services, wherever you want, whenever you want.
  • Location Maps and Itineraries– Integrated geo-location maps and detailed information about the places to visit bring a consolidated view of the tour, without having the need to consult information on multiple non-integrated systems or manage information silos. In a single place, you have everything you need to manage your trip.
  • Social Networks Offer Distribution– Create a meaningful experience and then share your offers with your customers through Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, among others.
  • Chat and Notifications – You are able to send a link via email or SMS to your customers, along with the travel budget and additional info relevant for the decision process. You can also use the integrated chat feature to interact with your customers and make proposals and travel itinerary changes “just in time” accordingly to your customer’s queries.
  • GDPR Compliance – Activate GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation functionalities

Upload Your Content/Files

Add your own videos, images, PowerPoint presentations, audio files, etc. to your Viewtravel travel itinerary and inspire personalized strong emotions and great user experiences.

  • Upload and use your own files, videos, photos and information
  • Create your own Viewtravel video and photo playlists
  • Define and categorize the type of files and documents that you wish to upload to Viewtravel
  • Upload additional documents (Boarding pass, car voucher, e-ticket, Visa, etc.…) and information (Budget, guide, invoice, presentation, itinerary)
  • Link files from external sources like SharePoint or Office 365 to your Viewtravel travel itinerary
  • Upload PowerPoint presentations

Thematics and Apps

Viewtravel provides a considerable number of themes that enhance the user experience and customer engagement initiatives. Useful Apps for use before, during and after the trip are also available by default or may be added or removed from your presentations.

  • Use Viewtravel supporting apps or add your own
  • Use Viewtravel thematic list or create your own, with your videos and photos
  • Choose different thematic categories (Adventures, Cosmopolitan and Urbanites, Cruise, Events, Gastronomy, Groups, Nature, Price, Relax, Sports, etc.)

Software Integration

We are constantly engaged in meeting customers needs and request so we are able to integrate your system with the Viewtravel Platform API to seamlessly push your sales data into your Viewtravel account. Viewtravel custom development services include feature extensions, new features, integration with third-party products, user interface design, database integration, hardware and software interfacing, web applications.

  • Integrate Viewtravel with your intranet, travel portal or website
  • Embed Viewtravel videos and photos in your website through Viewtravel iframe/web service, Viewvideo or Viewtravel API
  • Use Viewtravel API and web services in order to integrate Viewtravel with your preferred third-party software systems
  • Import PNR ID or reservation data from your  preferred GDS (Sabre, Amadeus, Worldspan, Galileo or Apollo)
  • Start the creation of a travel itinerary from Travelport Smartpoint (only available for Worldspan for now and for Travelport Mexico Customers)

Create a Budget/Financial Proposal

Easily create and share your financial proposals. Thanks to a simple and highly interactive interface, preparing and updating a budget it’s as “easy as a pie”.

  • Add a budget or financial presentation to your travel itinerary
  • Manage the status of acceptance of your budgets
  • Add a file name and a third-party reference ID to your budgets
  • Integrate your .PDF budgets or Office 365 files on your travel itineraries

How you present your travel itinerary is everything!!

  • Proposal and travel Itinerary interactive cover

    Add an exciting VideoVew or PhotoView to the entrance page of your proposal and travel itinerary presentation

  • Share your proposals and travel itineraries

    Present your proposals and travel itineraries on social media, email or download a .PDF file completely customized by you

  • Personalized emails

    Quickly send custom emails with a link to your proposal or travel itinerary

  • Downloadable proposals and travel itineraries in .PDF format

    Easily download your proposal and travel itinerary to a .PDF file that contains your budget and budget acceptance options, your travel tour, your itinerary and your agency and third party operators terms and conditions

  • Present your trip information

    Present your trip with detailed information about the destinations, flights, hotels and attach important documentation to your proposals and travel itineraries (terms and conditions, e-ticket, etc.)

  • Important destinations and keep safe information database

    Viewtravel complete database allows you to share with your customers important informations about the destinations, flights, hotels, among others (basic, currency, communications, safety, getting around, and much more!)

  • Send your financial proposal to your customers

    Easily create and share your budgets, or financial proposals, with your terms and conditions attached, and manage your acceptance status with Viewtravel

  • Digital and Interactive tour and travel itinerary

    Create awesome programs and travel itinerary descriptions that help you not only close more sales, but keep your customers in your travel agency trip support ecosystem, after the proposal and travel itinerary acceptance

  • Videos and audio guides

    Viewtravel travel media database is full of videos and audio guides about destinations, hotels, airline companies, ship and cruise companies

  • Travel media database

    Viewtravel gives you powerful video and photo playlists that provides increased emotion for customer engagement. Now you can eliminate the search of content through siloed databases and create your own travel destination knowledge ecosystem

  • Maps and route

    Integrated geo-location maps and detailed information about the places to visit bring a consolidated view of the tour, without having the need to consult information on multiple non-integrated systems or manage information silos

  • Useful applications

    Apps for use before, during and after the trip that keep your customers engaged and close to you

Companies that trust us

Our customers speak for us

A better way of improving the commercial communication with the final consumer – The implementation of Viewtravel is a great asset for the GEA agencies because it’s allowing the reduction of the purchase decision timing by final consumers, at a time when one of the main challenges of traditional travel agencies is the suitability of their modus operandi to the new digital reality. Viewtravel helps us being more competitive, making more agile, quick and efficient the sale process. In a business where margins are modest, cost control is brutal, and if you’re four hours to sell a thousand-euro package that leaves a 120-euro mark-up, you’re losing money. You need to be agile, fast and efficient.

Viewtravel allows Clickviaja to bring the travel industry to its customers in a pleasant and transparent way – Everyday we are more immersed in the digital world, so from Clickviaja we want to continue to join and even anticipate that growth. We are constantly updating them and we provide each of our agents with the most effective tools for customer loyalty. Viewtravel is a new way of presenting to the tourist a possible trip, budget, reservation or documentation, in a personalized and visual way.

Download Clickviaja CASE STUDY

Since Viajes Eroski and Travel Air Empresas started implementing Viewtravel Suite, almost 30,000 customers have had a better shopping experience. They’ve had access to detailed information, we’ve helped them to be inspired in an agile, orderly and digital way and we have personalized their proposal and anticipated their needs. In addition to the customer experience, Viewtravel Suite also helps us facilitate the life of our travel consultants that now have a simple, modern and complete working tool, highly appreciated by their customers.”

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